Kiosk Mode gets a rename in latest Windows 8.1 build, is now called ‘Assigned Access’

Zac Bowden


Kiosk Mode, which was recently revealed in a leaked pre-release build of Windows 8.1 has been given a rename in one of the latest unleaked, in-development builds of the OS. Kiosk Mode is now known as Assigned Access, and gives a more clearer insight on what the feature does.

Assigned Access allows you to “choose an existing standard account to have access to only one app that you choose.” It also gives instructions on how to sign out of Assigned Access, this was something we wondered when we tried out the feature in the recently leaked 9374 build. Signing out of Assigned Access requires you to tap the Windows key 5 times.

These recent Windows 8.1 builds looks to have been focused on fixing up many of the OS’s new features and making it more consumer friendly. Strings of text seem to be more professional and annoying bugs are being ironed out. Microsoft are expected to release a preview of Windows 8.1 in June this year.