Kingdom Hearts 3 possibly launching on Xbox One in 2018

Kit McDonald

Kingdom Hearts has been a franchise for fan debates for quite a while now. Known for its interconnected RPG plot with Disney and popular Square Enix characters, the game’s series has also begun amassing a poor rapport with gamers as the game started monetizing off each platform with cross-over titles. But long-term fans of the franchise might finally be seeing Kingdom Hearts 3 on the horizon.

According to a rumor fished out by Gamezone, Square Enix could be showing off its upcoming title at E3 2017 next month with a release next year. Jose Álamo, a Japanese game journalist, has received confirmation from unnamed sources stating that Square Enix is done waiting and we’ll see Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2018 – but it still isn’t finished.

The game was conceived as early as seven years ago, originally expected for release in 2012 but delayed to an E3 2013 announcement. Years later, the game is now slotted into the Square Enix ‘2018 and Beyond‘ category, with only speculation and rumors to offer clarity. “The development team was obsessed with KH3” the tipper explained on Twitter, stating that a trailer that was set for April had to have a lot of cuts for later in the year.

Given the Kingdom Hearts 3 reputation for delay, it’s better to take the rumor at face value until any official confirmation. Who knows, maybe fans will finally get their wish at E3 next month.