Just Eat shows off Windows 10 Mobile in its latest TV advert

Jack Wilkinson

Just Eat, in the United Kingdom, acts as a gateway delivery service for restaurants around the country. Restaurants offer their menu of food via the service, then those craving food amongst the population can use their website or mobile apps to order food and have it delivered to our chosen place.

A few days ago, Just Eat launched their new TV advertising campaign – one that may shock a few. It appears that they’re joining a growing list of large companies who are including “Microsoft,” “Windows Phone,” or “Windows 10 Mobile” in their advertising campaigns. Take a look at the advert, published on YouTube, to see what we mean (you’ll need to watch it till the end):

That’s right. Windows 10 Mobile just got the big spot on a nation-wide advertising campaign. This will certainly have heads turning, “What’s that mobile?!”. Let us know in the comments what you think of Just Eat’s latest advertising campaign.

Oh and, if you’re feeling a little hungry, they have an app available, check it out below.

JUST EAT - Takeaway
JUST EAT - Takeaway