July 2023 Steam survey reveals Windows 11 continues to gain traction among gamers

Devesh Beri

Valve has released its monthly hardware and software survey results, providing insights into gamers’ operating system preferences. With no official data from Microsoft on Windows 11’s popularity, the Steam Hardware & Software Survey becomes crucial in tracking the new OS’s progress.

The latest report shows that 96.21% of Steam users still prefer Windows, with macOS and Linux trailing far behind. Windows 10 holds 57.87% of the market (-1.56 points compared to the previous month), while Windows 11 steadily climbs with 36.67% (+0.92 points).

Despite no longer receiving updates, a few users persist using the outdated Windows 7 to access Steam. However, this won’t last much longer as Valve plans to end support for old Windows versions, including 64-bit Windows 7, on January 1, 2024. 1.21% of Steam customers are still on Windows 7 (+0.05 points).

Steam Deck also happen to have a new competitor – Lenovo Legion Go

Here is the hardware side of the report:


Windows 10 may be losing some ground, but Windows 11 continues to make gains, promising a shifting landscape in the gaming community.

via Neowin