Josh “Steinekin” Stein joins Microsoft Game Studios as Quantum Break community manager

Michael Cottuli

quantum break

In the wake of his old “job” working as an Xbox Ambassador, beloved Xbox community manager Josh “Steinekin” Stein has joined on with Microsoft Game Studios in order to be the new community manager for Quantum Break. This seems to be the beginning of Microsoft’s focus on building up momentum for the long anticipated title, which was announced way back in 2013 alongside the Xbox One itself.

The job of a community manager is exactly what it sounds like. Be the mouthpiece for the developer to the community, and vice versa. Charismatic, passionate individuals like Josh drive a sense of purpose and tight-knit community that can sometimes mean the difference between a successful game and an unsuccessful one (for example, Bungie community manager DeeJ has kept the Destiny community passionate through some of the game’s darkest hours.)

Josh announced the news on Twitter today after revealing his resignation for the Xbox Ambassadors just a few days ago. We don’t know much else about the position, but by revealing the game’s community manager, Xbox could be making a move to bring Quantum Break back into the public light for 2016.