Join players worldwide in a quest to defeat dragons in Gameloft’s Dungeon Gems for Windows 8.1


Join players worldwide in a quest to defeat dragons in Gameloft's Dungeon Gems for Windows 8.1

Gameloft’s latest game for Windows 8.1 lets you join players worldwide in a quest to rid the world of dragons. Dungeon Gems, which just made its debut to the Windows Store, is also available on Windows Phone.

The game is a thrilling and fast-paced puzzle gameplay with strategic RPG-style party management. The premise of the game is simple — yet hard. You need to drag your finger over elemental gems to link them and trigger your heroes’ attacks. You must also link like-colored gems to launch focused attacks or link different colored gems to unleash devastating multi-element attacks — which will cost you precious Action Points.

The game features 220 powerful warriors, with each warrior having a different elemental attack as well as a different vulnerability. You can power up your favorite warriors and even evolve them into new legendary forms.

You can even choose allies to help you on your quest, and even compare your progress to others. 

The game has been available on Android and iOS, as well as Windows Phone, for a short amount of time now. Dungeon Gems was just recently made available for Windows 8.1, and is free.

Check out the game in action below or hit the download link to snag the game. 

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