Johnson Controls to take on Google’s Nest with Cortana-powered smart thermostat

Arif Bacchus

GLAS smart thermostat

Microsoft yesterday revealed that they will be partnering with Johnson Controls to build a Cortana powered smart thermostat. Called GLAS, the thermostat was unveiled in a YouTube video and appears to be running Windows 10 IoT Core, with Cortana voice services built in. This falls perfectly in line with Microsoft’s plan to bring Cortana to more devices, including smart speakers, and fridges (via The Verge).

Judging from the video, Microsoft appears to be marketing the GLAS thermostat to businesses and commercial groups, since it is powered by Azure. GLAS would be the first thermostat to be powered by Cortana, featuring voice controls and sensors designed to save energy by monitoring and altering the temperature when you’re both away or in the room.

The GLAS thermostat can also monitor outdoor and indoor air quality, via a glass-like translucent touchscreen display, with all the information a household or business user would want: energy usage, air quality, and a calendar.

Pricing and a launch date are not immediately clear from the reveal video. Microsoft has already brought Cortana to non-Windows 10 devices such as the Harman Kardon speaker, and a Windows 10 Fridge with Cortana has even been spotted in the wild.