Javascript developers full of praise for Project Spartan in recent interview

Sean Cameron


As widely used as it has been throughout its history, Internet Explorer has not experienced a great deal of popularity. ‘Project Spartan’ is the software giant’s attempt to reverse this state of affairs, and a major part of this effort has been the development of a new JavaScript engine and a new rendering pipeline.

If the words of Steve Newcomb and Mike O’Brien of, developers of a popular Javascript framework, are anything to go by, this work by Microsoft has been top notch. Newcomb was particularly emphatic in his approval, stating,

“Microsoft always used to be non-compliant to anything … Microsoft for the first time is actually driving towards standards and ubiquity instead of going its own way.”

It seems as though Project Spartan will be as good for developers as it is for the general public, though only time will tell. You can read the full interview at the VIA link below. What are you most excited about in Project Spartan? Let us know in the comments below.