This third-party cable allows you to charge your Surface devices via USB-C

Abhishek Baxi

J-Go Tech Surface Connect cable

J-Go Tech, an American portable charging solutions startup, has introduced a unique Surface Connect cable that allows you to charge your Surface Pro or Surface Laptop via a USB-C wall charger or power bank.

While one end of the charging cable sports Microsoft’s proprietary Surface Connect adapter, the other end is a standard USB Type-C plug. It essentially converts the Surface Connect port used for charging to USB-C power delivery.

The 72 inches long cable works with most USB-C power delivery (PD) devices, including portable power banks. It doesn’t support data transfer or video, and hence can only be used for charging your Surface.

Before you go ahead and place an order for this Surface Connect cable, make sure you have a compatible wall charger or power bank. The power source must support 15V PD output via USB-C. You may experience insufficient power if your USB-C power source is not equal to or greater than your original charger.

For Surface Go, 30W (15V/2A) or 45W (15V/3A) is needed while for Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, and Surface Book, a minimum of 45W (15V/3A) is needed. Clearly, USB-C chargers that come with smartphones will not work. Also, Surface Go users can skip this since the device already has a built-in USB-C port.

You can check compatibility of your wall charger or power bank by connecting with the manufacturer or if you’re in the market for the same, you can buy a compatible one from them – they offer a 45W wall adapter, a 45W power bank, and a 65W power bank, guaranteed for compatibility.

J-Go Tech Surface Connect cable

A few years ago, I picked up a Surface 3, instead of a Surface Pro 3, because the former supported charging via microUSB. When you’re out and about, charging via power banks is pretty convenient – something we’re already used to with our smartphones instead of hunting for charging points everywhere.

The J-Go Tech Surface Connect cable is priced at $24.99 and available here. I’ve been using the cable since a month now, and have totally given up on the original charger except when I’m on my desk at home.

Until Microsoft warms up to Type-C, this is the next best thing.