It’s official, Surface Duo will start shipping on September 10 in the US and cost $1,399

Laurent Giret

It looks like someone at Microsoft pushed a button a bit early this morning. A blog post on the Surface IT Pro blog has just revealed that the Surface Duo would launch on September 10 in the US, with price starting at $1,399. The price actually leaked a couple of hours ago, and it’s in line with what we saw for previous foldable devices from Samsung and Huawei.

The blog post highlights specific features for business users, including enterprise-grade security thanks to a custom engineered Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), as well as straightforward mobile device management through Microsoft Intune or other solutions. Additionally, Microsoft explained in the blog post that Surface Duo will allow business users to access a cloud-powered Windows 10 experience with Windows Virtual Desktop.

There are no specific details about accessories, carrier support, and retail availability in the blog post, but now that the news is out early, we expect Microsoft to publish more details about the dual-screen device very soon. It’s a bit unfortunate that Microsoft couldn’t manage to get the news out properly, but we’re looking forward to seeing the official product video that Panos Panay teased a couple of hours ago.

Do you plan to get a Surface Duo on September 10, and do you think the $1,399 pricing is correct? Let us know in the comments below.