It’s not just you: Microsoft is working to fix notifications bugs in Teams

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft Teams Personal Features

Microsoft has acknowledged a new issue that appears to be affecting certain notification settings in Teams. The company is actively investigating the problem, and a fix will be deployed soon, according to the Microsoft 365 Admin center.

“We are currently working to repair the ‘All activity’ preset for teams and channel notification settings, and the ‘All new posts’ notification setting for shown and pinned channels, available in global notification settings,” the company explained.

Microsft says that users who turned on these settings will not receive notifications as expected. If you are impacted by this issue, the only workaround, for now, is to configure notification settings at a channel level for all Teams channels.

Unfortunately, the company has not provided any timelines for when the fix will roll out to all users. We’ll keep an eye on this issue and let you know when an update is available. In the meantime, let us know if the workaround helped you resolve the notification settings issue in the comments down below.