Is Paint Studio 3D the new Paint app for Windows 10?

Abhishek Baxi

As we approach the October 26 Windows 10 event hosted by Microsoft in NYCAggiornamenti Lumia, an Italian site (Thanks John, for the tip!), has got their hands on the updated version of the previously leaked new avatar of the classic Paint app.

Paint Studio 3D
Paint Studio 3D

The name of the new Paint app is Paint Studio 3D or Paint 3D – the app list mentions it as ‘Paint 3D Preview’ after installation. The latest version on the Windows Store (although not available publically) is 1.1610.23000.0.

The new Paint app brings support for inking and creating and manipulating 3D objects and images, as seen in these video demonstrations. As we’ve wondered before, Microsoft could showcase the app along with the new Surface device later today.