iPhone XR tops the chart – here are the best selling phones globally in 2019

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft might have the new Surface Duo folding smartphone coming up in the holiday of 2020, but Apple’s iPhones are still at the top. A new report out from Market Pulse, a global industry analysis firm, recently looked at the top market share of phones across the world, and the results are all in Apple’s favor.

According to the report, Apple’s iPhone XR is in the top spot as the best selling phone, and currently holds 3.0% of the examined market share across the world. In second place is the iPhone 11, which was only released a few months ago, with its 2.1% share. In third place with a 1.8% share, meanwhile, was Samsung’s Galaxy A50, a mid-range smartphone. Other Android phones topped out the global market share, with the Galaxy A10 netting a fourth-place 1.7% share, the Oppo A5 a fifth-place 1.3% share. Some of the other popular phones are below.

  • iPhone 8: 1.2% Share
  • Samsung Galazy A20: 1.1% Share
  • IPhone 11 Pro Max: 1.1% Share
  • iPhone 7: 1.1% Share
  • iPhone XS Max: 1.0% Share.

Interestingly enough, looking just at North America, Apple’s phones are still the best-selling when looking at the top-five spots. The iPhone XR comes in with 12%, followed by the iPhone 11 at 6%, the iPhone 8 at 5%, and then the iPhone 11 Pro Max and XS Max with 4% and 3%, respectively.

Elsewhere in the world, though, Android phones rule supreme. In Europe, Latin America, Africa, Samsung remained popular, with the Galaxy A10 capturing 5%, 5%, and 3% of those markets, respectively. China, is a different story, as the Oppo A5 rules there with a 4% share. You can see this in the diagram below.

If this proves one thing, it is that Microsoft will have its work cut out for it with the Surface Duo. No foldable smartphones topped this list, and Apple still lives at the top, so it will be interesting to see if Surface Duo will be yet another niche. Do you think the Surface Duo will get a large market share? Let us know in the comments below.