iOS users can now test either the Microsoft Edge Insider Dev or Beta channel on iPhones and iPads

Laurent Giret

edge flags

Microsoft is now allowing iOS users interested in testing new Edge features to choose between the Microsoft Edge Insider Dev and Beta channels. The Beta channel officially launched on iOS back in May, and it’s joined today by the Dev Channel, which is also available via Apple’s Testflight app.

Unfortunately, iOS doesn’t allow users to simultaneously install the Edge Stable, Beta, and Dev channels on the same device, so you’ll need to choose the channel that’s best for you. The Stable channel is available in the iOS App Store, and you can join the Beta and Dev channels via Apple’s Testflight program.

On Android, the Edge Stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary channels can be installed side by side with no issues, and we hope that iOS will one day provide the same level of flexibility. Apple’s Testflight program also only accepts up to 10,000 testers for a single app, so we recommend not waiting too long if you want to sign up to receive either Dev or Beta channel builds.

Anyway, by bringing its different Edge Insider channels to iOS and Android devices, Microsoft has introduced a common codebase that should help the company achieve feature parity across desktop and mobile. This is still a work in progress, but Microsoft Edge is slowly but surely solidifying its status as a great alternative to Google Chrome on all platforms.