iOS Microsoft Remote Desktop app gets new UI changes and bug fixes in latest update

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft Remote Desktop app

The Microsoft Remote Desktop app continues its new trend of frequent larger updates with today’s update to Version 10.0.4 on Apple’s iOS devices.

Version 10.0.4 of Microsoft Remote Desktop makes some changes to the app’s UI to improve usability, adds username prompts, and fixes a number of bugs that had been reported by users and discovered by the developers.

Here’s the full release notes:

It’s time for another update! Thanks to everyone who reported bugs and worked with us to diagnose issues. In this version we addressed the following:

  • Confirmation UI is now shown when deleting user accounts and gateways.
  • The search UI in the Connection Centre has been slightly reworked.
  • The username hint (if it exists) is now shown in the credential prompt UI when launching from an RDP file or URI.
  • Fixed an issue where the extended on-screen keyboard would extend underneath the iPhone notch.
  • Fixed a bug where external keyboards would stop working if they were disconnected and reconnected.
  • Added support for the ESC key on external keyboards.
  • Fixed a bug where English characters were appearing when entering Chinese.
  • Fixed a bug where some Chinese input would remain in the remote session after deletion.
  • Fixed crashes that were showing up in error reporting.

We appreciate all your comments sent to us through the App Store, in-app feedback and email, and will continue focusing on making this app better with each release. If you encounter any errors, you can contact us via Settings > Report an Issue.

Microsoft Remote Desktop is a free app that lets users access remote desktops or workspaces from an iOS device.

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