Introducing WinBeta’s Open Forum: Jumpstart a discussion or ask a question


Introducing WinBeta's Open Forum: Jumpstart a discussion or ask a question

We’ve launched a brand new experimental feature called “Open Forum.” As you will see in the navigation menu above, clicking Open Forum will take you to our newest page on our site. On this page, you can see our site leaderboard and see who our top five commenters are. On top of that, you will be able to engage with the community in various topics. For now, we have launched two topics — All About Microsoft and General Discussion.

We’ve thought about running a full-fledged forum on our site, but it would require a costlier server upgrade and lots of maintenance. Having a dedicated forum would also slow down the site. Instead, we’ve opted for a quick, easy, painless, non-obtrusive, and awesome way for our community members to engage with one another without causing any stress on our site. How cool is that? Plus your comments in the Open Forum will count towards your overall WinBeta comment stats.

We plan on adding more topics in the near future, but for now we have simply limited the Open Forum to just two topics. Please head over to the Open Forum and jumpstart a discussion! Remember, the same rules that we enforce in news comments will apply in the Open Forum — no spam, hateful, or troll comments.

We also plan on adding a dedicated comment moderator in the near future, as well as a host of improvements — so stay tuned! Head over to the Open Forum and give it a try! We hope our community will be able to utilize this tool to better communicate with one another.