Introducing the newest

Kip Kniskern

You may have already noticed, but we’re introducing a bit of a new look over this (US Memorial Day) holiday weekend. The site is a bit simpler, a bit sleeker, and hopefully offering more ways for you to find our content and keep up with all the latest from Microsoft and beyond. This is a bit of a soft launch, and there are still some tweaks to perform here and there, but hopefully by the end of this long weekend we’ll be fully up and running.

As part of the revamp our own Kareem Anderson has designed a set of new logos, which we’ll be introducing over our social media sites as well as here on the home page. They may still undergo some fine tuning too. We’re still on Twitter, even as there’s less and less reason to be, and we’re continually trying to engage more often on alternative sites like Mastodon, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

We’re also working on introducing some new pages, home pages for some of the topics we follow most closely. Our first page is The Windows Insider Page, with more to follow soon including pages for How Tos, Bing Chat, and more. We’ve been looking for ways to gather info, for example one place to find the latest builds for all the Windows Insider releases, and we’re excited to expand this concept in the coming weeks and months.

We’re still running on Azure, on a self contained Ubuntu VM so we can host our own MySQL service. One note, we’re rapidly zeroing in on our 50,000th post. Truthfully it’s been more than that, but some of the early years were lost to the sands of time. This is officially post 49,512, though. It’s been quite a ride, from the evolution of Windows to the rise and fall of Windows Live and Windows Phone, the launch and evolution of the Surface brand, Bing, Edge, Microsoft 365, Teams, and everything in between, with lots more to come.

We’re still enjoying following all the latest from Microsoft, and hope you are too. Thanks for reading!