Internet Explorer provides the best malware and phishing protection, compared to Firefox and Chrome


Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser

The security-minded folks over at NSS Labs have put together a new analysis which compares browser security data between 2009 and 2013. This combined data offers a comparison between the leading internet browsers to see who is better at phishing and socially engineered malware protection. So who comes out on top?

According to NSS Labs, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer continues to provide the best combination of malware and phishing protection. The security company also found that the application reputation technology used in Internet Explorer and Google’s Chrome offer a “significantly safer” browsing experience compared to Apple’s Safari or Mozilla’s Firefox.

NSS Labs conducted six browser malware protection tests, all dated between 2009 and 2013, and found that Internet Explorer significantly outperformed the competition in all of those tests. The security company explains that only very recently has Chrome become a “viable option” in terms of significant malware protection. On top of that, it appears that Apple’s Safari browser scored the worst.

Of course, you cant always blame the internet browser for social engineering attacks. NSS Labs firmly believes that user education is the best defense against these kinds of threats.

Hit the source link to read the in-depth data from NSS Labs.