Intel’s new 10nm Ice Lake processors revealed at CES 2019, 9th Gen Intel Core usage to grow

Brad Stephenson

Intel Ice Lake processor

During their presentation today at CES 2019, Intel revealed the first of their 10nm PC processors, codenamed Ice Lake.

Ice Lake processors will support Thunderbolt 3, DL Boost, and Wi-Fi 6, the new Wi-Fi standard that will improve battery life on devices, offer higher data rates, and support increased capacity. Intel’s new Ice Lake 10nm PC processors will also feature integration with Intel’s new Sunny Cove microarchitecture, Intel Gen11 graphics, and improved AI usage and graphics processing.

Devices using the Ice Lake processor are promised to be released before the end of this year sometime in holiday-2019.

Intel also announced that it would be expanding its 9th Gen Intel Core desktop processors to more desktop and laptop computers with the aim of providing a greater range of products for consumers, particularly gamers and creators, to choose from. These new 9th Gen Intel Core desktop processors will be made available later this month.

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