Intelligent message translation now supported in Teams for mobile devices

Kevin Okemwa

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the workplace environment has not been the same. This is because most organizations had to warm up to the work from home idea, as a measure to prevent the further spread of the virus. Communications tools are a huge part of hybrid work to ensure that flow of communication within the organization is flawless.

Building upon this premise, Microsoft is launching yet another feature, Intelligent message translation in Microsoft Teams for mobile devices, which is designed to help users translate a chat message sent in a foreign language to their preferred language. At the moment, Teams supports the translation to and from more than 100 languages.

The Intelligent message translation feature is rolling out for both Microsoft Teams iOS & Android mobile devices. With this in place, users can further personalize their chat translation behavior by turning on automatic translation. “When collaborators are chatting in different languages, the intelligent message translation feature uses their account preferences to inform the user when they would benefit from translation, and then personalizes chat translation behavior,” says Microsoft.

Teams mobile translate never translate Swetha

As highlighted above, Teams will automatically provide you with a prompt whenever you receive a chat message in an unfamiliar language asking you to translate it to your preferred language.

However, if you are familiar with a language you can tap on the Never translate (language) button which will in turn leave the message as is in the chat. In turn, the language will be included in the Never translate list in Teams mobile.

If you have the latest release of Microsoft Teams for iOS & Android mobile devices, then you should be able to access this feature.