Intel introduces new Intel NUC 13 Pro lineup

David Allen

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Intel took the wraps off the Intel NUC 13 Pro (code named Arena Canyon) today.  This version brings the performance of the 13th Gen Intel Core processors to a 4 by 4-inch form factor that fits into almost any workspace. An NUC (Next Unit of Computing) is a small form factor device that delivers a full desktop PC experience.

The Intel NUC 13 Pro offers the size and performance ratio that most modern businesses are looking for.  Certain models feature the Intel vPRO Enterprise for comprehensive security and enterprise-grade stability and hardware management.  Intel NUC 13 Pro Kits and Mini PCs are customer upgradable and repairable, offering a reusable solution for a wide variety of business needs from client, edge, and digital signage computing.

The Intel NUC 13 Pro is customizable and offers “incredible” performance given its small footprint feature up to a Core i7 processor with six performance cores and eight efficient cores.  The NUC 13 Pro Mini PC comes feature packed with all the requirements of most businesses.

Support for multiple monitors using the two HDMI outputs and two Thunderbolt 4 ports allows up to four displays at 4K@60hz.  For those needing a little extra graphical horsepower, the Thunderbolt 4 ports do open up the opportunity for an eGPU expansion.  Three USB 3.2 ports and one USB 2.0 port alongside a 2.5GBps ethernet port round out the wired connectivity.  If wireless connectivity is what you need the NUC 13 Pro is future-proof with Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity.

The Intel NUC 13 Pro kits and Mini PCs are expected to be available now with prices ranging from $340 to $1,080 depending on configuration options.  The bare bones kit versions allow you to customize memory, storage, and operating system to your needs. Fully equipped Mini PC versions come ready to go out of the box with Windows 11 installed.