Installer for Microsoft Edge Stable channel leaks, but you can’t install it yet

Laurent Giret

Microsoft, Edge Insider

If the Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev channels are now available on many platforms including Windows 7/8.x and macOS, the company still hasn’t said when a stable version of the Chromium-based browser would be released. The Beta channel previously leaked in May, but Twitter user WalkingCat shared today an installer for the much-anticipated Stable version, but it doesn’t work yet.

As of this writing, trying to install the stable version of Microsoft Edge gives a “There was a problem installing due to a server issue” pop up. The installer for the Beta channel works fine and this unreleased version of Edge is still on the version 76 of Chromium, while the Dev and Canary channels are already on version 77.

Answering a question about the public release of the Edge Beta channel, the Edge team explained In a recent Reddit AMA session that “Beta is not waiting on anything related to our commits to Chromium. We’re trying our best to build out a great experience that will be ready for everyone to try.” Considering that the Dev Channel is now ready for enterprise testing, we hopefully won’t have to wait to long to see the release of the Beta and Stable channels.