Instagram deletes uploaded photos from third-party apps, is an official app release imminent?



While the number of apps for Windows Phone has been steadily growing, Instagram is one of the many apps that is still missing. While Microsoft and Nokia have been working hard to get the social sharing service team to come to the rescue of these Windows Phone users who are impatiently waiting for an official release, there is no sign the situation will change anytime soon.

Nevertheless, there are already plenty of third party apps that are available as an alternative and people are even happy with the unofficial app. For these users that have been relying on an unofficial app to upload, share and view these photos through the photo sharing service, they are reporting that Instagram is blocking them from using the service. In fact, Daniel Gary, the developer behind the popular unofficial Instagram app “Instance”, is confirming that Instagram is indeed deleting photos that are uploaded. “Evidently Instagram has little spies that watch every windows phone users and deletes their images after uploading,” he writes on Twitter.

Since Instagram has not made any API so that third party developers can develop and integrate certain capabilities to the photo sharing service into their own app, these developer have relied on circumventing these techniques that allows users to upload, share and view pictures. The developer of Instance is currently working on a solution and in the meantime had decided to remove the app from the marketplace.

While some users are clearly upset with the decision to delete of Instagram to delete pictures that are upload via the service, Instagram has not released any official concrete statement to explain the decision to block users from uploading, share and view pictures vie these. “We recently made an update to the systems that we use to fight spam to help prevent future attacks and increase security,” says an Instagram spokesperson, not clearly explaining what is going on.

Although we are not sure why Instagram will take such a harsh step to block users from using the service, could this mean an imminent release of an official app from Instagram? We will keep up update as we find out more.