Inspire 2022: Microsoft Viva expands with new Engage module, Microsoft Storyline

Kevin Okemwa

Microsoft Viva

Ever since the pandemic hit, many organizations transitioned to working remotely. This means that they required effective and efficient tools that allow them to keep the business afloat. To that effect, Microsoft Viva has received a ton of updates and features that are in place to enhance hybrid work. For instance, the recently introduced Viva Sales helps provide personalized recommendations to sellers and at the same time expands the client base.

And now, Microsoft is launching a new app, Viva Engage that has been integrated into Teams that is in place to help “build community and connections”. It also features Stories and Storylines that users can employ to express themselves and inform people more about themselves.

According to the blog post, “Viva Engage brings consumer-like social networking to the workplace building on the strength of Yammer to build community, spark engagement and grow personal networks, right in the flow of work.

With this app, employers get to share news and insights. Employees can also reach out to the employer via the platform to voice their concerns, thus creating a sense of belonging and inclusion.

As for the Stories and Storyline features, employees can leverage them and share their expertise, thoughts, and ideas which play a major role and makes it easier for the business to thrive. Microsoft also indicated that Viva Goals will reach general availability on August 1. Let us know what you think of Viva Engage as well as Storyline and Stories in the comment section.