Insiders to get Green Screen of Death in upcoming Windows 10 builds

Arif Bacchus

If you’ve been using Windows these last few years, there is no doubt that you’ll be familiar with the infamous Blue Screen of Death, which appears when a fatal error has occurred within the Windows operating system. Microsoft, however, appears to be introducing a new error color to the Windows experience, since some Windows Insiders have reported seeing a Green Screen of Death in build 14997 (via The Verge.)

Seen above, Senior Program Manager for Windows Enterprise, Matthijs Hoekstra was the first to tease the new Windows 10 feature. Twitter user “Chris123NT” then responded by saying he was trying to force a bug check, which ultimately revealed the new Green Screen of Death.

According to Cliff Simkins, who is a Windows Dev platform manager, Microsoft may have chosen this flavor of color in build 14997 so the software giant could distinguish the errors Windows 10 Insiders face from the BSOD errors that regular Windows 10 users face. It is worth nothing, though, that Matthijs Hoekstra was quick to follow up and point out that the Green Screen of Death is only for Windows Insiders, and will not make an appearance for regular Windows 10 users.

While Dona Sarkar and the Windows Insider team have yet to officially push out build 14997, this is just the latest discovery in what has been a busy week in way of  Windows Insider news. On Christmas weekend we reported on the leaked build, and we quickly followed up with the details on the new discoveries of an improved settings app, lower blue light mode, tab expansion in Edge. As the week progressed details then emerged of Cortana in the setup experience, app folders appearing on the Start Menu of this build, and even a new game mode which reportedly will bring an enhanced gaming experience to Windows 10.

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