Infiniti is using the Surface 3 to help transform retail for the 1%

Sean Cameron


Retail for the 99% is, essentially, quite a generic experience. Money is exchanged for goods and/or services, and once the transaction is complete, the relationship between the customer and retailer is over, at least for the time being. Asides from a few kind words here or there, very little is done to establish the feeling of being truly ‘special’.

For those with a little more wonga however, the situation is a little different. With more money on the line, retailers need to become more inventive with their sales strategies, and luxury car merchant Infiniti is banking on the Surface 3 being such an option, as revealed on an official Microsoft blog.

Regarding the use of the Surface 3, Brendan Norman, managing director, Infiniti Retail Group UK, had this to say,

“[The] Surface 3 has revolutionized the way we are selling. This thing just blows away the iPad. Surface 3’s gorgeous, the cars are gorgeous, the mall is gorgeous…it all fits perfectly. Since adopting Surface 3, Infiniti retail group UK has seen a significant increase in sales from earlier in the year.”

Using the Surface 3 in much the way one would an iPad, customers are able to find out more information regarding their chosen models, make customizations, view the full car catalog and can even use the Surface Pen in order to complete paperwork. At its most basic level, this moves allows for a brochure-free experience, ultimately helping to streamline the overall sales process while providing a sense of ‘difference’ that customers have grown to love.

This is in no small part due the build quality of the device itself, the no-sacrifice approach of Microsoft with regards to the visual appearance and solidity of the Surface 3 lends itself well to the car models on display.

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