Inception, a leading provider of VR content, adds support for Microsoft Mixed Reality

Kit McDonald

The next generation of technology in virtual reality is a major topic lately. Inception, the leading provider of VR content, has just announced that it is ready to take move forward into the ‘next reality’ with Microsoft technology. Now, Inception is adding Windows Mixed Reality support to its list of available platforms.

“The VR industry is growing rapidly, and Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality platform is going to be a significant leap ahead,” said Benny Arbel, Inception CEO. “The ability to plug-and-play any of the Windows Mixed Reality headsets with any of the affordable, compatible PCs will bring immersive experiences to the masses, and we’re really excited to be taking the leap together with Microsoft. We believe that exhilarating immersive content should be available for everyone, which is why we’ve announced partnerships with leading publishers such as Time Out and Pitchfork who both have huge audiences who can benefit from mixed reality experiences.”

Here’s a quick look at what Inception can offer VR users:

Inception has already been working closely with Microsoft technology. The use of Cortana alone has been integrated into many of their virtual reality experiences. Mixing the content provider with the Windows Mixed Reality on an extended level could spell some exciting creations coming in the future.