More images of the Lumia McLaren show up, just to drive Windows phone fans crazy

Arif Bacchus

Back in 2014, the Windows Phone world was buzzing when word on a very premium looking Lumia McLaren device surfaced throughout the web. Although rumored to come with a mind-blowing 50-megapixel camera, 3D Touch and exploding Mix View Live Tiles, the device never panned out, and the company ended up cancelling the handset. Recently, a video of the device’s would-be 3D Touch feature surfaced, but today, additional real-life images of the Lumia McLaren have hit the web.

The images, posted on Chinese website Wfun, show off all ends of the premium and beautiful looking device.  Overall, the images show off the 3D Touch settings, back camera, and the sides of the device. The images also reveal that the device is running Windows Phone 8.1, and not Windows 10 Mobile.

The back of the Lumia McLaren

Gestures settings on the Lumia McLaren

The side of the Lumia McLaren

The Lumia McLaren runs Windows Phone 8.1

The Lumia McLaren is very different from Microsoft’s current offerings, and it is indeed a huge disappointment that it never made it to the market. Regardless, we still would like to know your thoughts on the device, so be sure to drop us a comment below!