Ignite 2022: Microsoft 365 gets new app, new features for Planner, Outlook, Editor, and Loop

Kevin Okemwa


Today during the Microsoft Ignite event, a couple of announcements were made in regard to Microsoft 365 among them the fact that it will be getting a new app. The application will harbor all your favorite apps that will get you through a productive day at work whether at home or at the office.

That is, Excel, Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook all together in one app, enhancing accessibility. It will also feature new apps like Microsoft Loop which is in place to help you leverage Microsoft’s own Fluid Framework and let you manage various Loop snips. You can also add third-party applications that you frequently use to it. Through the new Windows 365 app, users will also be able to access the cloud PC from the taskbar or start menu.

And that’s not all Microsoft is also partnering up with Cisco, which will allow users to run Teams natively on Cisco conferencing devices. What’s more, Microsoft is also introducing Teams Premium which features a new tool, Intelligent recap, it is AI-powered and serves as a virtual assistant. It creates tasks and shares personalized highlights. Teams premium also comes with Live translations for captions to ensure that all attendants are able to follow through with the meeting as it supports 40 languages.

As we had earlier reported users would soon be able to collaborate and edit Excel files within Teams via Excel Live which is now expected to be available in November. And now, with Teams Live Share which is currently in preview users can annotate, interact and collaborate on any shared app directly from a Teams meeting window.

Users can also do more with Together Mode by assigning seats to participants in Together Mode view and even get to pin it at the meeting stage so that everyone can easily view it.

Microsoft is also launching Microsoft Places, it is a tool designed to provide users with a comprehensive rundown of the office setup. That is, who will be in the office, the sitting arrangement, set in-person meetings that users should attend, and booking of spaces especially when the team is working from the office. Leaders can also make the most out of their real estate investments as they get to understand how the team makes use of the space.

There is also a new feature that is available across Teams and Outlook which allows users to easily set up in-person meetings. The hours and location feature allows users to make alterations, and indicate whether they will be able to either in the office or at home working remotely by the hour.

As for the Teams channel, you will be able to interact with the most recent posts as they are placed at the top. What’s more, you will be able to customize the channels. Microsoft has also incorporated 800 reaction emojis that will allow users to easily express themselves in Teams chat as well as Video clips that will let the users send short videos that they have recorded for a more personalized touch.

Moreover, Microsoft is also launching the Loop app which features workspaces, pages, and components that cuts across Microsoft 365 apps. Loop also comes with a dynamic 365 integration within Teams, which means that you can insert a Loop component into a Dynamics 365 record while still Teams chat.

Edge Workspaces is also launching in the Edge browser, the tool will essentially allow users working on a similar project will get to view the same files and websites in one convenient location (as a shared set of browser tabs).

And now with Adaptive cards, organizations will be able to drive productivity with new experiences that bring business processes into the flow of work. Developers, through the tool, can bring interactable content from multiple applications into a single interface in Teams.

Finally, Microsoft is adding a bunch of new features to their InTune suite, they are designed to help protect an organization’s resources and control who has access to them.