IE10 features faster JavaScript performance in Windows 8, page loads are 30% faster


In an official blog post, Microsoft outlines how Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) features enhanced JavaScript performance in Windows 8 to deliver great performance for emerging web application scenarios, such as HTML5 games and simulations. On top of that, page loads are now 30% faster.

“IE10 achieves dramatic performance gains for JavaScript-intensive applications, particularly HTML5 games and simulations. These gains were accomplished through a range of important improvements in Chakra: from new fundamental capabilities of the JIT compiler to changes in the garbage collector,” Microsoft stated.

Microsoft has optimized the JavaScript engine to deliver greater performance when it comes to HTML5 games and simulations. Microsoft looked to minimize the amount of work needed to deliver the user experience when visiting a website or loading a HTML5 game. IE10 will defer as much work as possible until necessary, to minimize impact on responsiveness. On top of that, IE10 will take advantage of all available hardware by utilizing all available resources, such as CPU cores.

Microsoft is also touting IE10 for better site performance. In fact, IE10 gives you 30% better site performance. “Not only do web standards help reduce the cost of development and the complexity of testing across browsers and devices, but it also can achieve some noticeable performance benefits. In fact, we found that sites in IE10 got an average of 30% better page load time when they switched to Standards Mode,” Microsoft adds.