Huetro for Hue gets Cortana support in Windows Universal app upgrade

Brad Stephenson

Huetro for Hue Universal Windows app for Phillips Hue Lights

The Huetro for Hue app has updated and is now a Universal app compatible with both Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 devices. In addition to the format update, the new version of the Huetro for Hue app has also introduced several new features such as Cortana support (in select markets), improved lighting effects, a faster and more stable user interface, OneDrive syncing for Scenes, and Hue Wireless Dimmer support.

Huetro for Hue is a third party app for controlling Philips’s Hue lighting range of products. These lights can adjust their color, brightness, and fading controls to create a variety of mood and interactive experiences in a user’s home.

Here’s the apps description:

Huetro is the best, most feature-rich and easiest unofficial Hue app on Windows – and completely free! Use the simple setup to install all your lights and enjoy your Philips Hue even more! Use the colorwheel to set that specific color, or use the intuive picture-picker to re-live your favorite memories! Use scheduling, Cortana or NFC to automate your home or the Disco feature to get that party startin’! Arrive at a well-lit home or leave without worrying about turning your lights off: geofencing can do that for you! Also support for Hue Tap.

Last year, Philips Hue lighting was used to add a new level of visual experience to the Xbox One game, Chariot. While playing the game on an Xbox One connected to Philips Hue hardware, the lighting in the room would change to reflect the actions on screen. For example, when a player was injured the lighting would change to red and blossoming flowers would have their colors mimicked by the lights in the room.

Do you have Philips Hue lighting in your house? How do you use it? Let us know in the comments below.

Huetro for Hue
Huetro for Hue
Developer: NielsLaute
Price: Free