HTC Dot View for Windows Phone updated with wallpapers and notification customization

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HTC Dot View for Windows Phone updated, now on par with Android

You probably remember that HTC not long ago brought their flagship One M8 to the Windows Phone ecosystem. They now have nearly identical phones running Windows Phone and Android. Today, the Windows Phone model got its first update to the ‘Dot View’ app.

The ‘Dot View’ case is a case made by HTC that covers the screen of the HTC One but has ‘dots,’ or holes, to allow you to see your notifications through it — so you don’t have to remove the case unless you want to. You can customize it with the dedicated app, which was lagging behind Android, which is understandable as the HTC One was released with An

The update is identical to the one the Android app just received and contains new wallpapers, and enhancements in notifications.

There are 19 different wallpaper choices, and you can add your own. The provided wallpapers are ‘pixelated’ to match the design of the case. The recent calls has been expanded to show three at a time, and you can return to recent calls by simply swiping up. You can also chose which notifications are shown on the dot screen and which aren’t. If this doesn’t make much sense to you, take a look at HTC’s tutorial on Dot View.