HP’s next Windows 10 Mobile phone could be a midrange model

Dennis Bednarz

HP has had a great success with Windows devices, and with the HP Elite x3, while the sales may not have been amazing, it has received many fans in the community of Windows Phone users. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford HP’s flagship phone as the price is targeted towards businesses and enterprises, not regular consumer’s pockets.

This will most probably not change anytime soon, but an alternative may be on its way. HP may be planning to release a midrange, continuum capable handset for business customers and consumers out there who want to taste the HP Elite x3 without spending so much money. The device is rumoured to feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600-series SoC and a USB-C connector, and rumored to be ready for a Spring 2017 unveiling.

The device will be compatible with the HP Desk Dock and the HP Lapdock that the company is currently selling for their flagship device. It is, unfortunately, unknown if less expensive versions of these accessories will be released.