HP looks to be giving up on Windows 10 Mobile, too: sales of Elite X3 reportedly to end in November

Laurent Giret

HPelitex3 lead

After Microsoft canceled its Lumia line last year, it was clear that Windows 10 Mobile would need strong OEM support to remain relevant in the smartphone market going forward. With its business-focused Elite x3 handset, HP became one of the very few manufacturers to launch new devices in 2016, though the company will reportedly stop sales of the premium handset later this year.

The news comes from German website Windows United, who reports today that HP will stop selling the HP Elite x3 on November 1 (via Windows Central). Software support will apparently stop in October 2018, so the 3-in-1 device won’t become obsolete immediately. It’s not clear if HP could launch another Windows 10 Mobile device in the future (you may remember that the company briefly showcased a mystery prototype device at Mobile World Congress), but we wouldn’t be surprised if the company completely abandons the mobile OS due to its limited appeal, even for business users.

HP as yet to confirm the unfortunate news, but so far it looks that Alcatel could soon become the last man standing with its Idol 4S, which recently launched in select European countries. Do you think HP dropping support for the Elite x3 would be another nail in the coffin for Windows 10 Mobile, or do you think the mobile OS can survive with very limited OEM support? Let us know below.