HP Elite x3 optimizes mobile retail with a new barcode reader accessory

Michael Cottuli


While Windows 10 Mobile’s appeal is limited, it definitely caters to the needs of business owners. For those entrepreneurs who choose to conduct their business through mobile retail, the HP Elite x3’s new accessory might be a big draw for some people to consider using Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

HP has introduced the HP Elite x3 Mobile Retails Solution – a peripheral designed to “Enable optimal customer experiences, associate productivity, and manager agility.” The peripheral clips onto your phone and, on top of providing it some extra padding to protect from the occasional drop, it comes with a barcode scanner designed to help you run your retail business on the go.

Put simply, the addition of the barcode scanner here drastically increases the viability of facilitating your retail business through your phone. We haven’t quite seen where or how we can get our hands on this just yet, but you can bet that information will be on its way soon.