HP.com confirmed to start selling Elite X3 on September 5

Kit McDonald

The HP Elite X3 has been the talk of the town today for Microsoft enthusiasts and geeks. Especially after earlier this morning when we learned about HP’s decision to classify it into a category all on its own.

The device will be the ‘first of its kind’ according to HP’s Vice President and General Manager of the Mobility and Retail Solutions GBU, Michael Park. The company representative stated that it will be officially labeled as a 3-in-1 device by the manufacturer. Some are considering it an evolved version of the popular 2-in-1 tablet/laptop combination. The HP Elite X3 is capable of functioning as a smartphone, a notebook (via the HP Mobile Extender), and a PC. Thanks to the app virtualization through Microsoft Continuum technology, the device can be plugged in and utilized on a desktop/laptop monitor with very little hassle.


The HP Elite X3 was already expected to become available for business purchase in the US on September 5 according to an early article. But now it has been officially confirmed to Neowin that it will indeed be for sale on HP.com. The statement reads:

The US HP.com website is one of many channels we use for our commercial solutions. So the August 29th date is accurate. But for the US HP.com site, orders will begin on September 5.

Pre-orders had already taken off for Australia, UK, Sweden, and the Netherlands. For them, it seems the holidays are coming early with a shipping date as early as August 29th while the rest of the other countries included in HP’s 47 countries roll out of the Elite X3 to will have to wait. There isn’t any mention if the orders will have immediate shipping or if the September 5 date is a similar pre-order process. We do know that  the original intention was to release during the Summer 2016, but HP is pushing the envelope. At least now we know when to start refreshing the product page.