How to download the Xbox One MyTube app today

Brad Stephenson

MyTube on Windows phone

The Windows 10 myTube Beta app has just updated with added support for Microsoft’s Xbox One video game console. The app isn’t discoverable in a search on the console yet but can be added to a user’s “Ready to install” list on the Xbox One by claiming it on the Windows Store here on a PC or mobile device.

The app developer posted on Reddit earlier today that he is after feedback from Xbox One users before he properly launches it on the console. “myTube Beta is finally ready for testing on Xbox one! I’ve been pouring my soul into the Xbox side of the app lately, and I need your help to keep me headed in the right direction,” he said in his post. “myTube is an alternative YouTube app for Windows 10 that’s on it’s way to the Xbox, being built with the goal of providing a better experience than YouTube’s official app. It offers background audio support, 60FPS playback, comments, channel upload notifications, a user experience tailored for the platform, and more. I’m hoping to not only make this the best YouTube app on the platform, but also the best UWP app on Xbox.”

myTube has long been a popular alternative on other Windows 10 platforms especially Windows phones which have yet to be given a proper official YouTube app. Have you tried myTube on the Xbox One yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

myTube Beta
myTube Beta
Developer: Ryken Studio
Price: Free