Honda and Microsoft UK partner for exclusive Xbox experience

Sean Cameron

Honda and Microsoft UK partner for exclusive Xbox experience

Microsoft UK and Honda are to partner up for a new advertising campaign that will see the latter create a unique experience for Xbox One owners. To promote the new Honda Civic Type R, the brand will be running #XboxUpload for a short period, in what is likely a media first.

Users will be challenged to complete a time lap trial around the Nürburgring in Forza Motorsport 5 for Xbox One, and then will be prompted to record and share their efforts. The campaign, overseen by Starcom Mediavest Group, is an extension of the “Other Side” campaign which saw a short film released earlier in the year.


Over one billion uploads of content have been made by Xbox One users since the console’s launch last year, this campaign seeks to cash in on this trend. Stuard Flint, director of sales and advertising at Microsoft stated,

“We love making these types of campaigns happen, where brands and consumers really benefit from engagement on our advertising platforms. Xbox is a really interesting canvas for creativity and this is a unique way to bring the Honda Type R campaign to life for an audience that is excited by Honda’s sports and racing pedigree.”

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