HoloLens V2 codenamed “Sydney” reportedly coming in early 2019

Arif Bacchus


Brad Sams from Thurrott.com just revealed a bit more about Microsoft’s hardware plans, saying that the next-gen HoloLens is already in the works with a targeted release by Q1 of 2019. This comes after several months of rumors about the next version of the headset, and two years since the original HoloLens became available to developers.

Sams’ report cites internal documents which pointed to some vague information about the specifics of the headset. Indeed, he reports the headset will feel much lighter, be more comfortable to wear, and will be cheaper in price. Additionally, HoloLens v2 should also have “significantly improved holographic displays,” per the report.

It is not clear from the report if the Q1 release date is targeted for developers, or just for a general availability. What is clear, however, is that Microsoft is looking to expand its role in the virtual reality market.

Combined with the fact that new Xbox family of devices are coming in 2020, and Andromeda devices this year, things might get interesting on the road ahead. Best to keep tuned for more information soon.