“HoloLens” searched more than 50 million times in 2015 beating all other VR headsets

Hammad Saleem

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft’s augmented reality handset HoloLens has been the talk of the town for the last year. The headset is being used for a variety of tasks, which Microsoft has demonstrated over the past few months. The headset even made it to the International Space Station to help astronauts in space and carry out experiments.

The launch of the headset is still a few years away, but it has apparently attracted the most attention among all VR headsets, according to global market intelligence company SimilarWeb. The report suggests that the HoloLens section on Microsoft.com received over 50 million visits in 2015 — the company showcased the event at the Windows event in January 2015. It’s worth mentioning that 16 million of those visits were after the launch of HoloLens at CES 2015. The visits decreased over the next few months, but it’s also worth mentioning that the product hasn’t launched yet.

“In terms of search, from January to December 2015 HoloLens related search terms accounted for 0.67% of Microsoft’s worldwide search traffic, meaning 29.6 million visits to Microsoft.com came from people looking for HoloLens,” says Moshe Alexenberg, director of digital insights at SimilarWeb.

Oculus is also popular among VR headsets and received quite a lot of visits in 2015. The analysis from SimilarWeb suggests that Oculus received almost 51.6 percent of its traffic from search engines as well.