HoloLens Developer invites to go out in waves, shipping every 2-3 months

Kellogg Brengel

Actiongram on HoloLens

On February 29th, Microsoft announced the details of the HoloLens Development Edition. With the announcement, we got our first look at specs, documentation, and a shipping date of March 30th. And even more information has come in since then about a number of apps and games which will be available from the start.

But some have been left wondering about the specific mechanics of invitations and shipping. An admin on the Windows Holographic Developer Forum has clarified how it will work, informing developers they will be invited to purchase in waves. According to the information in the admin’s post here are some quick steps developers should be aware of:

  1. Apply for the HoloLens Development Edition.
  2. Check for an email indicating the status of your application.
  3. Upon approval, the email will indicate your wave number.
  4. Each wave will be served during a 2-3 month window.
  5. When your wave is up you will receive an email inviting you to order your HoloLens Development Edition

The admin also suggests you order your HoloLens within one week of receiving your invitation to order. After that week is up you can still place your order but it will be subject to availability.

Finally, those that are hoping to be in the first wave, but are anxious about not getting their invitation email yet, don’t worry. The admin says most developers who will be part of the first wave have not yet received their invitations. And if you are worried you missed an update about your order status, you can always check the registration website here.

It won’t be long before the HoloLens Development Edition is in the hands of a wider set of developers who will start experimenting with the holographic side of the Windows 10 ecosystem.