HoloLens Companion app lets you live stream directly to Windows 10


Microsoft HoloLens

According to a leaked report, Microsoft is set to open pre-orders of the HoloLens Development Edition on February 29th, with orders shipping March 30th. Along with new details on the HoloLens, we also have a companion app (spotted by @h0x0d) which lets you do all sorts of neat things. Here’s the app description:

Connect to your HoloLens over WiFi using this companion app to do common functions like downloading media, viewing a live stream from your device or even remotely launching apps and controlling your HoloLens!

The free app lets you view and download photos and videos taken with a HoloLens. You can even see a live stream of what the HoloLens user is seeing, which is pretty neat! Check out the full list of feature this app has, making it a must-have app if you plan to purchase a HoloLens:

  • View / Download Photos and Videos taken from the device
  • See a live stream of what the user is currently seeing
  • Remotely take pictures and Videos on the device
  • Launch / kill apps on your HoloLens device remotely
  • Use your desktop / phone keyboard to inject input on your HoloLens

You can snag the app below, but there isn’t much you can do with it unless you have a HoloLens.

HoloLens Companion App
HoloLens Companion App
Developer: Analog Apps
Price: Free