HockeyApp transition to Visual Studio App Center will be complete by November 2019, here’s the plan

Jack Wilkinson

It’s been almost four years since Microsoft acquired HockeyApp, a service used to collect live crash data, distribute betas and analyze tests. Microsoft used the service internally following its acquisition of Skype, using it to test Skype’s suite of mobile apps. Following the acquisition of HockeyApp, Microsoft’s plans have been to merge it into its own platform, Visual Studio App Center.

The company has now released its transition plan for migrating from HockeyApp to Visual Studio App Center. The transition will be fully complete within a year, concluding on 16th November 2019. Announcing the change in a blog post, the HockeyApp team said:

Today, after months of work and refinement, we are announcing that HockeyApp will complete its transition fully to App Center in one year on November 16, 2019. We know you are busy building amazing apps, so we have focused on making this transition experience smooth and seamless for you.

For the time being, users will be able to use HockeyApp and App Center at the same time. In “early 2019”, users will be able to fully migrate over to App Center should they wish to do so, with the deadline being 16th November 2019. Once migrated, it will not be possible to migrate back to HockeyApp.

The full transition plan and information on how to get started with App Center can be found here.