Hey Insiders, get the official “Adventures of Ninja Cat theme pack for Windows 10, free!

Laurent Giret

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It Clippy or Microsoft Bob were definitely not cool back in the 90s, Windows Insiders seem to really love the Ninja Cat these days. The symbol of the Windows Insider program now has its own emojis on Windows 10, but Microsoft seems to be willing to do more to please fans of the feline mascot.

Last year, the Windows Insider team released a first official Ninja Cat wallpaper ahead of the release of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, but the company is now pushing the Ninja Cat hype to the next level with an official “Adventures of Ninja Cat” Windows theme.

“Being a ninja cat is more than just being a ninja. Or a cat. It’s a state of mind,” the official description notes. “We’re not sure where Ninja Cat will turn up next, but we’ll be there to cover it.” If you want to think like a Ninja Cat, or just add an appropriate touch of personalization on your Insider PC, then you can install this free theme which includes nine cute Ninja Cat wallpapers.

It’s always great when companies do some fan service, and we hope that Microsoft will do more with its popular mascot in the future (maybe a game would be good idea?). Actually, let us know in the comments what do you think Microsoft should do next with the furry animal!