Here’s the Xbox Project Scorpio teaser video that Microsoft showed at E3

Arif Bacchus

Project Scorpio

Yesterday at E3 Microsoft finally confirmed the existence of Project Scorpio. In case you missed the big reveal of Microsoft’s upcoming successor to the Xbox One, you can see the full teaser video below.

In the video, members of the Xbox team, and noted game developers detail how they listed to the gaming community and culminated the community feedback into power, choice, and into something that can move Xbox forward. The future of Xbox is all about removing barriers, being innovative, delivering the most powerful console, and bringing technology to make their vision and art come alive.

Of course, the video also details some of the specs of Project Scorpio, including its 6 teraflops of computing capabilities for 4k resolutions, 8 XPU Cores, a powerful graphics processor, rendering at 60 hertz, and more.  The video then ends by saying that this is the console for gamers. The Xbox team also made sure to mention in the video that they will not be leaving Xbox One behind, as all Xbox One games and accessories will work on both systems.

So, what do you think? Did you like this teaser trailer? Will you be picking up this new system once it is out in Holiday of 2017? Be sure to drop us a comment below!