Here’s what’s new in Excel for October 2022

Kevin Okemwa


We are almost at the end of the month of October, and it is usually during this period that Microsoft provides us with a roundup of new features that have been introduced in Excel. Let’s dive in!

Excel for the web

Excel for the web users has a new nifty feature, Quickly Find the Command you need.  The feature makes it easier for users to find a command via the shortcut menu. In turn, this helps save time while simultaneously allowing the user to focus on the content they are creating.

Excel for Windows

Excel for Windows is getting a couple of features to help enhance the platform’s user experience. First up, is the ability to automate a task. Users will be able to automate their repetitive tasks in their spreadsheet workflows using Office Scripts, which goes a long way when it comes to efficiency as the chances of making errors are now reduced significantly. What’s more, users can schedule the scripts, the feature then picks up the slack and complete the task even when you are away from the keyboard.

thumbnail image 1 captioned Automate Tasks with Office Scripts

Next up is the Navigation Pane, which is designed to help users better handle large workbooks. It will also assist (especially the visually impaired) to find and access elements such as tables and charts within the workbook.

Excel Data Models and Power Pivot are also getting 92 new DAX Functions that are in place to assist users to “analyze data across multiple tables, and support a powerful expression language called DAX”. What’s more, through the Data Model, users can compare data sets and use the information gathered to come up with PivotTables and Pivot Charts.

And finally, Windows users will get a new copy and paste option. All you have to do is copy the content that you want to paste into an existing worksheet by pressing Ctrl+Shift+V. The copied content will replicate the format that’s already in place in the cell or range where you’re pasting.

It is also worth noting that both, the Automate a task and Quickly find the command you need features are currently in Insider Preview for Windows users and should start rolling out soon.

Excel for Mac

Mac users will also get the Automate a Task feature, which will help them automate repetitive tasks within spreadsheet workflows. Be sure to check out Microsoft’s post for more on these features as well as last month’s post in case you missed it.