Here’s what’s new in Excel for November 2022

Kevin Okemwa


Towards the end of every month, Microsoft usually makes announcements detailing what’s new in Microsoft Excel. For the month of November in particular, the company added Chart Data Foils and more.

Excel for the web

First up, the company introduced Chart Data Foils. The feature provides Excel users with a visual indicator that helps highlight the source range of cells for charts directly on the spreadsheet. To make modifications to the range, simply click and drag.

According to Microsoft:

After a user has created a chart, they can now leverage Data Foils to modify which rows/columns of data are used for their chart including its series titles, series values, and category values.

Excel for Windows

Next up, is a new feature dubbed Show Changes. It lets users see the history of edits that have been made in the workbooks. What’s more, this feature lets you see “who changed what, where, and when, along with the previous value of the cell for quick reversion”. In turn, this makes it easier to collaborate on projects.

On top of Show Changes in Excel, users will also be able to automate repetitive tasks in spreadsheet workflows using Office Scripts. This will help Excel users save time and significantly reduce errors. What’s more, the feature lets you schedule your scripts. This means that you can be able to continue working regardless of whether you are there or not.

Excel for Mac

Excel for Mac users also got the same features as Excel for Windows, that is, Show Changes in Excel which allows them to view the spreadsheet’s edit history, and Office Scripts which lets them automate repetitive tasks.

Excel for iOS

Excel for iOS now provides users with a “cleaner and simplified experience” that incorporates a modern look and feel to the contextual command bar and ribbon palette. In turn, this makes it easier to work with documents, presentations, and worksheets on your iPhone. And lastly, the update features more performant menus on the contextual command bar that are easy and faster to open. You can also resize them.

Be sure to check out Microsoft’s post for more on these features as well as last month’s post in case you missed it.