Here are the features Microsoft Edge will get after it's released this summer


Here's what features Microsoft Edge will get after it's released this summer

Microsoft Edge, formerly known as Project Spartan, is set to arrive alongside Windows 10 this summer. We learned about the legacy technologies that are being removed from the new Edge browser, but what about features are are set to arrive after the browser is released?

During the Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2015, the Redmond giant introduced Microsoft Edge and showcased the key features that will arrive once the browser is released this summer alongside Windows 10. As you can see from the slide above, Microsoft Edge will get extension support, more Cortana scenarios, Object RTC, Pointer lock, and many new app and platform features after launch.

Specifically, these features are already in development and Microsoft plans to roll out more features to Edge in the future. For example, Cortana is already integrated with Edge, giving you auto suggestions in the address bar or allowing you to quickly ‘Ask Cortana’ for an answer to a question. Microsoft is working on adding more Cortana scenarios to Edge, such as improved celebrity instant answers and improved Ask Cortana responses. These improvements to Cortana can be done server-side, meaning it will not require an update to Edge.

This goes to show you that Microsoft is looking to continually support and improve Edge, even after it’s released. Watch the video below showcasing an early preview of extensions in Microsoft Edge, and much more. The video is over an hour long, so grab some popcorn and enjoy!