Here’s the useful new features Microsoft added to OneDrive from April to June

Kevin Okemwa

Onedrive For Windows Sync Client

Microsoft has provided a complete rundown of all the recent OneDrive updates and feature releases that have made it to OneDrive between April and June 2022. An update from our previous post where we covered everything new in OneDrive from January to March.

We’ll be starting off with the updates that made it to OneDrive in April. Microsoft added a “Your Teams” section to the “More Places” page to help users find and work with all their files in one convenient location. Users also gained the ability to delete large folders (with up to 10,000 items) at once.

Users are now at liberty to comment on video and audio files provided they have been granted view permissions. This goes a long way in promoting efficiency and effectiveness in this new world of hybrid work, especially when working on a project with a large number of contributors.

In May, Microsoft simplified the process of switching between a professional and personal account for the user. All you need to do is select your profile picture at the top right of the OneDrive page, then you will get to select the particular account you want to use. Aside from that, a dropdown has been incorporated into OneDrive and SharePoint that essentially allows the user to “switch between multiple document libraries associated with a Teams team or a SharePoint Site”.


And finally, users can pin shared libraries to the Quick Access menu. This is geared toward allowing them to easily locate and access the places where they work frequently.

As for June. Microsoft OneDrive received a ton of features. For instance, the ability to browse for files in Teams. “You can also switch between document libraries associated with specific Teams channels (standard or private) directly in Microsoft Teams and access your files as you would directly in OneDrive and SharePoint”.

Aside from that, users can Add shortcut to OneDrive in Teams which grants them quick access in OneDrive to the Teams, particularly on files that they frequently interact with. It is also worth noting that any changes that you make on these files while on Teams will also be synched across the board.

Other key features include OneDrive Sync Admin reports for macOS in Public Preview, the ability to rename shortcuts and access your Teams standard and private channel files. Be sure to check out the blog post and get to learn more about these features and other OneDrive features over on Microsoft’s Tech Community.