Here’s the latest feature in Microsoft Edge’s Sidebar

Kevin Okemwa

Edge Dev

Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced the Sidebar in the Edge browser with the aim of providing users with a better web navigation experience. The tool has since involved receiving a tone of updates as well as features all geared towards enhancing its usability.

And now, yet again Microsoft is currently working on a new feature that will allow users to resize Edge Sidebar panes as spotted by Leopeva-64-2 on Reddit, who also uncovered the more consistent dark mode in Windows 11. You might recall that Outlook was recently optimized to fit into the Sidebar, its previous appearance was distorted because the entire page could not be viewed all at once prompting the user to scroll across the page.

If you are currently on the latest Edge Canary version (107.0.1417.0), then you should be able to resize panes on the Sidebar, this includes all apps and sites that you manually add to the tool. Here’s a glimpse of how the pane appears when resized.

Post image

Currently, users cannot resize Search, Discover, Tools, Office, Outlook, and Drop panes. However, this may be subject to change in the future.

The feature is already enabled by default, and you should be able to make use of it by hovering over the region that separates the page content from the panes. Be sure to also check out our expert guide that will help you get started with the tool and make the most out of it.

Via: Leopeva-64-2

Image via: Leopeva-64-2